Risk scores

GET /riskscores/{model}/

Get risk scores by model.

Path parameters

  • model string Required

    Risk score model (see values below) or custom model (if you have access to bespoke risk scores)

    Values are aml, esg, sdg, sovereign, or supplychainrisk.

Query parameters

  • Country code

  • Country name

  • ordering string


    Values are country_code, -country_code, country_name, or -country_name. Default value is country_code.


  • 200

    A list of risk scores.

    Hide response attributes Show response attributes object
    • model object

      Risk model definition.

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    • data array[object]
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      • entity object

        Geographical information.

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      • results array[object]

        Risk score information.

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        • timestamp string(date)


        • type string

          Flag if the data is based on historic, current or projected/forecasted data.

          Values are history, current, or projection.

        • score number

          Model risk score where higher values indicate higher risk with the exception of the SDG Index where a higher value indicates better SDG performance.

          Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 100.

        • Regional model risk score. Only available for the SDG Index.

          Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 100.

        • Model risk category (numeric) where higher values indicate higher risk.

          Values are 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

        • Model risk category from very low to very high risk.

          Values are Very Low, Low, Medium, High, or Very High.

        • riskPoints integer

          Absolut number of risk points.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • Maximum number of risk points possible based on available underlying data.

          Minimum value is 0.

        • Numeric rating.

          Minimum value is 1, maximum value is 21.

        • Letter rating.

          Values are AAA, AA+, AA, AA-, A+, A, A-, BBB+, BBB, BBB-, BB+, BB, BB-, B+, B, B-, CCC+, CCC, CCC-, CC - C, or D.

        • Share of available data used for calculating the model risk score.

          Minimum value is 0, maximum value is 1.

        • Data quality score where higher values indicate better data quality.

          Values are 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5.

        • Data quality category.

          Values are Very Poor, Poor, Medium, Good, or Very Good.

        • Risk rank.

        • Number of countries considered for risk rank.

GET /riskscores/{model}/
curl \
 -X GET https://app.countryrisk.io/api/v1/riskscores/aml/ \
 -H "Authorization: $API_KEY"
Response examples (200)
  "model": {
    "description": "ESG Risk Score",
    "url": "https://www.countryrisk.io",
    "source": "CountryRisk.io Ltd",
    "version": "v1",
    "updateDate": "2019-11-20",
    "type": "ESG Risk Score"
  "data": [
      "entity": {
        "geoType": "country",
        "worldBankClassification": "High income",
        "countryCode": "SWE",
        "resultsTimeSeriesAvailable": true,
        "countryName": "Sweden",
        "regionName": "Europe & Central Asia",
        "oecdMember": true
      "results": [
          "dataQualityCategorical": "Very Good",
          "shareIndicatorsAvailable": 0.888,
          "score": 11.831,
          "countryUniverse": 186,
          "timestamp": "2019-12-31",
          "riskClassificationCategorical": "Very Low",
          "ratingLetter": "AA+",
          "ratingNumeric": 2,
          "riskClassificationNumeric": 1,
          "type": "current",
          "dataQualityNumeric": 5,
          "countryRank": 3